How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.


April 03, 2017 - Epilogue

At this late date and with what I see as being the last of my witness understood, remembered, and written down, at least as much as I am willing and able to do, and the fact I this past Christmas of 2016 understood another event where my father hung me with a rope in our basement when I was young, this will be my final offer of the problem. Despite those in NY State and US DOJ telling me to stop making witness back in 2008. Derelict to say the least. They knew there was more and much child harms in that.

The witness will remain here in this form since it did happen, I have proof and confessions from Police, State, and others including friends and family, as well as scars all over my person, to say it was done and you paid for it.

I've spent essentially the last 14 years since 2003 when my wife made her final effort at homicide, living alone, often starving to death, with not one person to talk to or ask for assistance, spending every day all day making sense of this problem. Most of that is about reflecting on the events and recording them at least in a skeleton or framework made of the crude essence of the atrocity and perversions done to myself and others. And making efforts to understand who did it and why.

As of begin of 2006 while doing this witness anew in Tucson after Raytheon attacked me I had over 5,000 computer files with witness and documents and letters sent to every law enforcement body on the planet, all signed with an oath and my complete identity information. DOB, SSN, NY and AZ DL numbers, US Passport number, etc along with physical and mailing address that I maintained all along in order to receive mail when I was homeless, between homes, out of the USA, etc. That included at that time a 200 page single space typed witness statement and at this point I say I know likely 99.99% more now. The murders and other violence and marital fraud were enough to act on in 2003. If not 1995 or 1981. etc.

Not one person helped me with this other than to support the crimes done to me and the want to suppress this witness. And for the State and Law Enforcement this is akin to what it has been all along, them sitting around and watching a child be raped and left to bleed to death. This is on you now. And they partook in the crimes in part or in total.

This problem has malingered despite my efforts to see justice served and those responsible charged to the point those doing these crimes have been allowed to procreate, now having more children in the problem, and so it goes.

This is a recent photo of my sister ostensibly and it is likely that she and Walter her husband will lose their children which really should never have been born, and certainly not allowed to be with my/our murdering pedophile parents.

My Sister Jennifer Lynn Thompson Nee Jones

My parents and their friends in the law, those in Wilson Central Schools, Niagara County NY Sheriff, and NY State Police etc should have been put to death for these murders, atrocity and other perversions long ago.

This has and continues to involve State and Federal monies, educators at SUNY Buffalo and other colleges are involved, student loan monies for degrees that can't be granted, as well as the perversions of justice related to insurance claims and coverage as well as health care for needless mayhem and murder. This includes the intentional ruin of motor vehicles on area roads and interstates by attacking me and others while we drive in the ongoing offers of duress, stalking, and vanity based God play dramas. Destruction and sabotage of brand new cars and trucks being $30,000+ or $40,000+ in value thanks to GM and NY State Police etc.

You are paying for this.

You fought the law and I won. Your problem was making this political, it never will be, and making it adversarial. There is only one side of this problem, mine. You don't break the law this way and blame the victims for it.

I Fought The Law Canvas

I was proud and glad to serve our nation being the USA as well as NY State and did so despite a horrid and violent past and essentially lethal and chronic injuries including homicides done to me as a child and knife wounds that killed and crippled me for life. And I was misled about all that.

The personal pain was incredible as well as the fact I was disenfranchised from the events to the point attending school and working was not possible. I also did not realize I was Stateless, the Police did.

All of this was used to further suppress my witness and to allow those who did these crimes to remain free and the Police/State used friends, abusive murdering pedophile parents, and others as shills to interlope and to malinger and to cause more harm and injury and death. That extended deeper with SUNY Buffalo and a marital fraud to my wife in 1995. It gets no worse than this. She enacted what she and they had planned all along, torture, efforts to poison me in a protracted fashion, and to enact murder of my person.

State and Police and others make efforts to follow, stalk, and to snipe on my character, none of which vindicates them or others for their acts of violence and child rape and perverse atrocity. Overall soiling my character is not possible and would only offer motive for the State or others to confess again on hope to claim the harm was engineered to be punitive, albeit extra-judicial and covert in nature. Also illegal.

You hired me for trusted work and did complete background checks so you know of this. And fact I am Stateless which says this is fault of State.

I was once more proud to be able to serve the US DOD and Raytheon by working for them and to also help our friends in Germany and Diehl BGT Defence and their associates there and I saw it as a good fit for me and my skill sets. My prior employ with SUNY Buffalo, US Postal Service, US IRS, and others would also tell me and others that this was a logical course of action being I have coveted abilities and I am of good character.

This was used again as another opportunity to conspire, support my murdering wife, and her and their associates in NY and overall Arizona now conspires in murder, treason, child rape, mayhem, arson, and violent hate crimes.

We are done. You are OK with too much. It nullifies your witness and your State. Callous indifference is not law enforcement, neither is stalking and obtuse vanity dramas to soil victim witness. That proves you knew of it and premeditate efforts to conspire, and suppress and obstruct. Now you involve other nations, brilliant!


"The squat pen rests; snug as a gun. Under my window, a clean rasping sound. When the spade sinks into gravelly ground: My father, digging. I look down." -- 'Digging' By Seamus Heaney

Seamus Heaney Seamus Heaney Digger We Help Daddy Hide The Body

Folks like Jill Rohring, and her mother Rena Rohring are involved in the 1981 Lutheran hate crime done to me in Wilson NY USA and are far too quick to hope to move forward in Wilson from their murders and child rapes. I'd not offer that doing business in Wilson NY is desirable or possible since these people have no truth or justice in them.

Jill Rohring Sales Pitch Wilson NY 14172 USA

That as well as my sister's offer they are concerned about social issues, children overall, and the plight and suffering of others, as I and others are able to witness on Social Media as in or with Facebook offers etc, is tragic and pathetic. I'd call it laughable but nothing about this is funny. These people and their cabal are predators who are willing to rape, torture, and murder their own blood. Says all you need to know. I've seen this hoax and fraud go on with them since I started using Social Media in 2011. Nothing new there. Same old lies and hypocrisy. Keeping up appearances.

I leave you with these last images of me as a child, other children in Wilson NY thanks to Ed Goodnight and his friends in Niagara County Sheriff and their dance club, and their offers of just desserts at Wilson #1 Fire Company. Where you use such assets to arson, rape, torture, and murder as well as drown your own kids. Enjoy your egg whites and the riparian views to your kills.

You all murdered the wrong kid, it wasn't you.

Terry Allen Jones And Chicken Firing Squad Pulp Fiction Cover Pulp Fiction Cover A Dangerous Age Movie Poster A Dangerous Age Bad Company Album Cover Missing Boy Milk Carton

So much for the liar liar pants on fire. Much luck with the fires, car accidents, and other "health problems" you encounter. Maybe use your ambulance to murder yourselves? Black is right and you are heading the right way, south! This funeral is long over long ago. Dinner is on, you are the meal.

Cadillac Ranch Ed Goodnight Wilson NY High School Pandering Wilson NY USA Number 1 Fire Company Goes South Just Desserts Wilson NY USA Number 1 Fire Company Goes South Love Canal Hooker Chemical News Love Canal Hooker Chemical Boy Love Canal Hooker Chemical Train Love Canal Hooker Chemical Semi

The technology lesson is over, so there's your tuition. You and your big fucking mouth only made it worse. As I said all along, keep talking asshole. When you dig a hole to bury the dead horse you keep flogging, might as well make it big enough to fit you and yours. Now I have all I need..... let us know when you are done terrorizing yourselves.

Run Like Hell -- Pink Floyd
Run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run
Run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run.
You better make your face up in
Your favorite disguise.
With your button down lips and your
Roller blind eyes.
With your empty smile
And your hungry heart.
Feel the bile rising from your guilty past.
With your nerves in tatters
When the conch shell shatters
And the hammers batter
Down your door.
You'd better run.

Velvet Jones School Of Technology Loose Lips Sink Ships War Poster Edward R Murrow Good Night And Good Luck