How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

The Help Page.

The menu is on the home page, for all other pages you open by using the links you can go back to home page by clicking on the Murder Mayhem logo in upper right of the subsequent pages.

The menu so far is:

01) Mystery Butchery Evidence - Witness related to 1981 Vivisection homicide.
02) The Former "Spouse" - Details about the femme fatale.
03) The Usual Suspects - Shills in lieu of friends.
04) Hate Mongers - Hate crime sponsors in Wilson NY USA.
05) Tudor Nightmare BBQs - Witness of arson and other hate.
06) Academic Murders - Teachers who conspired.
07) Another Home Wrecker - Heike buys the farm.
08) Bikes I No Longer Own - Bikes I used to own.
09) Vehicular Homicide - Cars I used to own.
10) Death And Taxes - Albany NY Tax admits theft.
11) My Dead Family - Cadavers who helped in this mess. My family.
12) Quacks - Medical Perverts.
13) Witness Notes - A new menu with more witness.
14) Jesuit Notes - A new menu with Jesuit frauds topics.
15) Jesuit Notes II - A new menu with more Jesus nonsense.
16) New York Notes - A new menu with nonsense about NYS.
17) Miscellaneous Notes - A new menu about fun facts I found.
18) Animated GIFs - Collection of animations.
19) Wilson NY 1979 YearBook - My Wilson NY 1979 High School Yearbook.
20) The Plot Thickens - Tom Golde and Doug Golde involve more children.
21) Epilogue - The closing narrative.
22) Help - The Help Page.
23) Summary - The Summary Page.
24) The Hit Parade - The Long Overdue Cadaver Collection.
25) Nazis - Smerff Electric
26) Help For The Useless

This is an extremenly dense and complex problem taking me over 12 years to record and understand with literally 1,000s of examples of other's incriminating dialog, vanity based events proving premeditation, and other details related to people in my life, employers, educators, doctors, my family, police and others who now look to have contrived many other events one would see as being accidental or innocuous etc.

If you find you are lacking direction or miss a point please ask me since I can elaborate or point you were something is. Much of it is written as really just a collection of facts. You may NOT see causal relations for items I place together but they likely are there for a reason.

So.... I hope that helps and thanks for your interest.